Boat International Media Pack front cover

Art direction for Boat International Media

Boat International Media is a luxury lifestyle publishing company based in Wimbledon, London. The company publishes superyacht magazines and luxury books, organises high quality events, and provides digital media services and data to owners and professionals in the superyacht industry.

LEAD IMAGE Boat International Media Pack.

An elegant brand refresh that focused on the redesign of one of the brand's key sales assets — the media pack. This project started with the development of a range of concepts and the selection of key hero images that best represented Boat International Media. Once a final concept was selected the design was refined into a landscape booklet format with A4 inserts that could easily be mixed and matched to tailor to the client's requirements. The design was offset printed onto beautiful smooth coated stock and sealed with a matt laminate for durability. A silver foil cover logo and Pantone metallic ink back cover details were applied to give the final product a luxurious finish.

Colour plays a vital role in creating a distinct brand visual identity, instantly broadcasting brand meaning and image.


Metallic spot colours are made from Pantone Base inks and can easily be replicated in printing. The Pantone Formula Guide contains seven metallic base inks for Commercial Graphics.
Boat International Asprey London 1781 Luxury Goods ad
Double page spreads displayed in Boat International Magazine