Rascal & Roses orange coloured logo on letterhead and a ginger cat stamp on an envelope

Brand design for Rascal & Roses

Rascal & Roses is a London and Herefordshire based design studio headed up by Interior Designer, Verity Coleman.

LEAD IMAGE Rascal & Roses logo which is made up of a monogram and logotype.

This project entailed brand identity development from concept through to final execution. Design for logo, logotype, monogram, fonts, colour palette, style guide and stationery. The monogram combines the two Rs in Rascal & Roses to neatly form a perfect heart. Some say they can even see breasts, arms and legs in the design. The use of orange for the logo transforms the design — giving it energy and warmth.

Colour plays a vital role in creating a distinct brand visual identity, instantly broadcasting brand meaning and image.

Rascal & Roses orange coloured logo
Rascal & Roses logo